CETS services include:

  • Wayne Startup and Warranty Service
  • Meter Calibration and Repair
  • Card Reader Installation and Service
  • Cathodic Protection Installation, Testing and Repairs
  • Tank Cleaning and Sludge Evaluation
  • Annual UST Compliance Testing
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Calibration and Service
  • Aboveground and Underground Fuel Piping Modifications
  • Water Intrusion Repairs
  • Electro/Mechanical Troubles
  • ITEM

CETS offers commercial, institutional and retail fueling systems sales and service in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. We are an Authorized Service Company for the Wayne Fueling Systems line of dispensers and pumps.

CETS distributes the following:

Wayne Fueling Systems
FE Petro Submersible Pumps
Incon Automatic Tank Gauging Systems
APT and UPP Piping and Components
Pneumercator Tank Gauging Systems
QT Card Reader
Husky Hoses and Nozzles
Total Control Meters
Hannay Reels
Xerxes Tanks and Sumps
Bravo Sumps and Fittings
Morrison Brothers Valves and Fittings
Emco-Wheaton Retail Products